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Owner Financing:



An unfortunate consequence of the currently depressed housing market is that many honest, well-intentioned, Americans have found themselves, through no fault of their own, unable to purchase a home. Traditional lending sources have disappeared except for those with the best credit scores. If you want your family to enjoy the pride and economic security that comes with home ownership, in spite of your credit issues, you have come to the right place. 
We believe that your future is brighter than your past, and we are willing to back that up by offering outstanding owner-financed home values throughout this site. If you choose our owner-finance option you will make your payments directly to the owner and will not have to qualify for a conventional bank mortgage.
We own the homes listed on this site. Therefore, we can offer flexible owner-financing terms, even if you have been told that home ownership is not an option for your family. Give us the chance to prove the banks wrong. You will be amazed at how easy it is to qualify, and how quickly we can say "yes."

Benefits of owner-financed homes:


1. Easy Qualification. The buyer, in many cases, prefers an installment sale to conventional financing because it does not require traditional bank income and credit approval. The buyer may have poor credit because of a divorce or recent bankruptcy. They may be self-employed or may be new to their job and cannot meet strict traditional mortgage lender guidelines. Even if they could qualify for a loan, the rate will be astronomical if they have poor credit. Furthermore, few conventional lenders offer fixed interest rate loans to people with a poor credit rating. As you can see, there are dozens of reasons why a buyer cannot (or will not) qualify for a conventional bank loan. The installment sale becomes the perfect solution for them.


2. Credit Rating. An installment sale may give the buyer a chance to improve their credit rating by owning a home and making payments timely.


3. No Loan Costs. One of the biggest benefits for the buyer is not having to pay the costs associated with conventional loans. Points, origination fees, underwriting charges, appraisal, credit reports, title insurance and the plethora of other "junk" fees charged by conventional lenders can amount to thousands of dollars at closing. The buyer is free from these with an owner-carry installment sale.


4. Fast Closing. A buyer can close and move into a property within days, since there is no third party lender holding up the transaction. 


Get started and pre-qualify for your next home purchase.

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